Sunday, June 7, 2009

Just Baked "Winnie The Pooh" 2-Tier Diaper Cake


This is an adorable "Winnie The Pooh" Theme 2-Tier Diaper Cake! This diaper cake is baked to perfection and will make an adorable baby shower gift for that special new mom in your life as well as a very cute centerpiece.

Diaper Cake "Ingredients"
25-Size 2-Huggies "Snuglers" Diapers
1 BPA Free Baby Bottle
1 "Winnie The Pooh" Cuddle Blanket
3 Pairs of "Winnie The Pooh" Baby Socks

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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Website Management Made Easy With a Content Management System (CMS)


Having content available on your website can help you steadily and consistently build traffic. Content increases your chances of free traffic from search engines, it also provides consistent value to a visitor which means they’re more likely to visit often. More website traffic and loyal website visitors can, in short, mean more sales.

Bottom line, if you want to increase sales frequent and valuable website content is essential. To make uploading, modifying, and managing all of this content, many business owners turn to a CMS, which stands for content management system.

What is a CMS?

A content management system is defined quite simply as a system used to manage the content of a Web site. It displays the content, creates linking and provides a uniform design for the site.

A CMS offers two main functions:

  1. It enables the user to manage the creation, modification, and removal of content from a Web site without needing the expertise of a Webmaster. This means you don’t need to know any programming language to use your website.

  2. It delivers the content, it basically updates your website once you’ve added, modified, or removed your content.

Benefits of CMS

The benefits of utilizing a CMS based website are tremendous. Imagine being able to write, upload and store thousands of articles and reports, protect certain areas of your website, and create professional looking pages without any HTML skill or knowledge required.

  • Professionally designed pages and no HTML required. WYSIWYG (stands for “What You See is What You Get” - which refers to a web page editor that allows for copy and paste formatting), is the CMS function which may appeal to many non-technical internet entrepreneurs. If you would rather not have to learn HTML but still want your content to have all of the features and functions that an HTML document has, then look for a content management system with a web editor. Users can format their content as they see fit, with underlining, bold and even embedded text links, without having to know programming languages.

  • Access from anywhere, anytime. Many website owners struggle with the fact that they have to be at their personal computer if they want to upload or change any aspects of their website. A CMS based website is accessible from any computer. All you have to do is logon to your account and you’re good to go.

  • A CMS makes improving your search engine rankings much easier. Users are able to upload relevant content on a regular basis, which is perhaps the best way to appeal to Google, Yahoo, and MSN’s ranking algorithms.

A good content management system makes being an internet entrepreneur a much simpler and more profitable experience. Not all CMS systems are created equal. If you’re looking to utilize a content management system into your business website, make sure you’re getting a user friendly, secure product which offers good customer support and all the features you need to continue growing your business.

Make your content management as simple as point and click with the Easy Boutique Builder Angie Sandy proudly provides simple and cost-effective options for website owners. There is no HTML required, search engine optimization is a snap and you can add your own products with the built-in shopping cart.Try the site builder demo today.

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Friday, June 5, 2009

List of Memorable Baby Shower Favors


Welcoming the upcoming baby with a baby shower is indeed a perfect idea. Baby shower should be a fun time for the mom-to-be, as well as for the guests. There are several things a baby shower should have, one of which are the baby shower favors. Giving out shower favors during baby showers has been a tradition. This is a simple way of saying thank you to the guests, as well as an easy way to commemorate the event. There are so many baby shower favors available everywhere. You may consider the following list of memorable baby showers to end your baby shower bash.

Crystal Stroller Baby Shower Favors. These beautiful, elegant crystal baby basket favors are sure to wow your family and friends. For a stunning baby shower favor give your baby shower guests this elegant crystal baby carriage. These multi faceted crystal baby strollers are beautifully crafted with chrome embossed details such as a handle and wheels. Present each of these crystallized favors to your guests in a Crystal Choice signature box lined in luxurious satin. The chic gift box has a crystal heart on top and is adorned with a coordinating heart shaped tag and a bow. this crystal baby shower favor makes a dazzling baby themed gift for all of your guests to enjoy!

Stylish Sailboat Design Baby Shower Favors. For a nautical-themed baby shower, these sailboat baby shower favors can make a perfect gift to your guests. Stunning in blue and white these glass sailboat shaped votive candle holders will beautifully add a touch of the sea to you baby shower's tablescape. Your baby shower guests will love these sailboat candle holders and will enjoy using them in their own homes. Crafted of high quality heavy glass these sea blue and white sailboat votive candle holders will give off a subtle glow at your baby boy shower. Beautifully packaged in a simple but elegant white gift box these darling candle holders are sure to delight your baby shower guests. A votive candle is included with each sailboat themed baby shower favor.

Picture Perfect Pink Glass Photo Coaster Baby Shower Favor. These Picture Perfect Pink Glass Photo Coaster Baby Shower Favors are a fun way to say thank you to your guests for attending your baby shower. This perfectly pink glass photo coaster is adorned with white flowers and is perfect for placing at your guest's place setting as a place holder. Your guests will enjoy using these pretty coasters in their own homes and will changing out the photos with their own special memories.

Thanks for Strolling By! Baby Carriage Notebook Gift Set. When a baby is born new parents have a lot to keep up with not to mention all the visitors and gifts that they want to send a thank you note to. this Thanks for Strolling By! Baby Carriage Notebook Gift Set is a handy and thoughtful gift that the tired new parents will love. These adorable mulberry paper baby themed notebooks are also a cute baby shower favor that everyone loves.

These are only few memorable baby shower favors to choose from. You can visit online for more wider selection. Online stores can offer plethora of baby shower supplies, from baby shower favors, baby shower decorations to baby shower gifts!

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

*NEW* Knickernappie One Size Cloth Diapers


Knickernappies OneSize Side-Snapping Diaper The Knickernappies OneSize Diaper is the first of its kind: a side-snapping, onesize diaper that comes with TWO inserts made in the USA! (Yes, even our inserts are USA-made!) Knickernappies OneSize Diapers have some great features:

  • Four size adjustments to fit your baby best -- Small, Medium Short, Medium, and Large

  • Tested to fit babies from about 8 lbs to 40 lbs

  • Two inserts with every diaper, sizes small & large, and our inserts are Made in the USA!

  • Choose between two top-rated LoopyDo inserts or two microfiber inserts.

  • A scooped tummy panel & topstitching for best fit under chubby baby bellies

  • Elastic on both sides of the pocket opening to hold the insert in place

  • Very gentle Lastin elastic in the leg and waist - no red marks!

  • Lastin elastic is long lasting and can't "go out" like regular elastic

  • Two Year Guarantee on elastic and snaps.

Wash it, use it, and if you don't love it, you can return it within 14 days for a refund! This guarantee applies to one diaper only; all others must be unwashed and unused. This introductory offer is good until Dec 31, 2009.

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Plan the Perfect Baby Shower on a Budget!


Baby showers are events that are remembered by a mom-to-be for life. They have become an American tradition and it is not uncommon to throw a baby shower for a mom-to-be who is expecting her second, third, or fourth child. First time mothers look forward to their baby showers with great excitement and anticipation. As a baby shower hostess, the pressure to throw an event that is both unique and memorable is very real. But what if you are working within a tight budget? A baby shower doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to be an event that the guest of honor will treasure in her memory.

The first order of business is invitations. Many expectant moms like to put one of the invitations from their baby shower in their baby book – so they have to be beautiful! But how can you save money without spending hours filling in the blanks on the really cheap invites? Simple! Purchase inexpensive blank invitations that you can run through your printer, and a roll of coordinating ribbon. Punch two holes at the top of the printed invite, thread a piece of ribbon through, and tie in a bow. Viola! Beautiful, classic invitations that cost you very little.

Next, plan your menu. Serve light refreshments rather than a full spread of food. Finger foods are super appropriate for a baby shower and will keep your costs down. Things like a veggie platter with dip, crackers and blocks of cheese you sliced yourself, fruit salad, cucumber sandwiches, and deviled eggs are inexpensive and easy to prepare, but they make an appealing spread. For drinks, consider ice cream punch. Combine a two-liter of ginger ale and half a gallon of vanilla ice cream in a punch bowl. Easy, inexpensive, and delicious.

One of the most important aspects of a beautiful baby shower is the decorations. The space where the shower will take place should feel like a celebration. The most bang for your buck here comes from helium balloons – the more, the better! Helium balloons turn even the most stark and cold space into an instant party. Purchase a few inexpensive baby bath products to use for balloon weights, and distribute odd-numbered bunches of balloons throughout the space. Next, add some paper streamers. These are super cheap and they are just the right touch over doorways and windows. The final touch will be two tablecloths in a color that matches your theme – one for the food table and one for the gift table. These large splashes of color will finish the room and they are so inexpensive!

Plan activities for your guests that do not require you to purchase supplies. Baby shower games that require only a paper and pencil, (or better yet) just a thinking cap, are your best bet! And finally, consider purchasing or making a diaper cake as your gift to the expectant mom. Displaying a large diaper cake adds a lot of atmosphere to a baby shower; they are an ideal centerpiece and an irresistible conversation piece. You can use the diaper cake to play a game with your guests – have participants guess how many diapers and what baby items the diaper cake is constructed with. And when the party is over, mom-to-be can take the diaper cake home as your gift to her. You get a centerpiece, a game, and a gift all in one – the kind of versatility you need when you are on a budget. Most importantly, diaper cakes are a unique and memorable gift that the expectant mother will be thrilled to receive. Six months after the baby shower, she won’t remember who gave her socks or onesies, but she will still be smiling about the diaper cake!

With just a little creativity and not a lot of money, you can throw a baby shower that will live in the memory of all your guests for years to come, and be a treasured happy memory for the mom-to-be.

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"Triffle" Baby Shower Dessert Recipe


3 c. cold milk
2 pkgs. (4-serving size) vanilla flavor instant pudding
1 tub (8 oz.) whipped topping, thawed
1 pkg. (12 oz.) pound cake, cut into ½ -inch cubes
¼ c. orange juice2 c. sliced strawberries

Pour milk into large bowl. Add pudding mixes. Beat with wire whisk 1 minute. Gently stir in 2 cups of whipped topping. Arrange ½ of the cake cubes in 3 ½ -quart serving bowl. Drizzle with ½ of the orange juice. Spoon ½ of the pudding mixture over cake cubes. Top with strawberries. Layer with remaining cake cubes, orange juice, and pudding mixture. Refrigerate until ready to serve (about 1 hour). Top with remaining whipped topping and garnish as desired. Makes 12 servings.

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Cupcake Bath Bombs


Yum-Yum-Yummy! These delectable but non edible cupcakes are a one-way ticket to relaxation for any lady, simply drop in the tub and indulge, or break it into 2-3 pieces for many uses!

These little babies will soften your water and your skin and their frosting may also be used as lather. Whether it's for a birthday party, hostess gift, baby shower, these little treats will make the party a huge hit!

Cupcake bath bombs come in many scents with coordinating frosting, all wrapped up in a cello bag, chocolate satin tie, all ready for you to give.

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