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Throwing Baby Showers For A Friend - How To Tips

Baby showers are celebrated when a newborn baby is expected. Usually close friends and family of the mother conduct this party. These events involve a lot of gift giving and so a family member might find it a little awkward to host a baby shower.

These party's are usually conducted one or two months prior to the baby's birth or just after the birth of the baby.

Invitations must be symbolic of the baby's birth. You can always get ready-made cards from card companies but it would be much more special if you choose a design and then custom make it.

Like any standard invitation, the baby shower invitation should include details like the invitee's name, date, time and venue of the event, the host's contact number, the party's theme, and, if known, the gender of the baby.

Invitations should be sent out at least a month in advance. This will give enough time for the guests to pick out suitable gifts and make other appropriate plans for the special day.

If the party is going to have a theme, then it will mainly depend on the baby's gender.

For example, if the baby is a boy, a sailboat theme would be a good idea. You can set up the whole place with big and small boats of all types. The cocktail punch bowl can also have a boat themed centerpiece. For these kinds of themes, the important thing is to highlight the name of the baby, which can be done using an object like an inner tube to suite the occasion.

If the baby is a girl, an excellent theme would be a cookie. This may be attributed to the poem that tells us how girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice. Girls usually like tea parties, so it will resemble one with cooking recipes and teacups and jars with various food items like peanuts and chocolate chips. A giant cookie can highlight the girl's name.

There might be the event of the parents not having decided a name at all. This is not all that bad an event. The parents can get ideas on names through the assistance of the baby shower. Letters of alphabet can decorate the place while games can be prepared that can get people to think of prospective names.

There is also the type of parents who would not like to know the baby's gender until it arrives. Many others try to keep the guests in suspense. One commonly used idea is that only people of the same sex as the baby can be allowed in. the ultra sound can be played and all can sit and find out the baby's gender together.

Another fun activity can be to make the guests play a boy or girl quiz. The questions are prepared such that the baby's gender will be determined.

There are many themes and ideas that can make the baby shower an event to truly remember. Good planning and just a little bit of imagination can make your baby shower a great success and it will be remembered for a long time.

At any rate, the host can plan alone, take help of friends, or seek professional help.

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